US Forestry Brush Trucks

Stainless Piping Specialists is proud to be the chosen Plumbing Manifold fabrication supplier for the new Brush Trucks being supplied to the US Forestry Department to be distributed to facilities throughout the US. This contract will consist of approximately 70 units to start with additional units being added over the next 2 years. These brush vehicles are put into very demanding situations such as forest fires and rescue applications. Quality and reliability of these vehicles are of the upmost importance where a breakdown is not an option. OEM’s of these type of fire fighting vehicles have come to rely on Stainless Piping Specialists due to the high quality manufactured products that follow a stringent ISO quality process.


South Laredo WWTP

Stainless Piping Specialists is currently fabricating the aeration system pipe spool components for the South Laredo Waste Water Treatment Plant. The piping spools consist of custom fabricated laterals, diffuser aeration headers, and connecting flanged drop pipe. With the strict quality standards, material verification and a short lead time for the municipality to complete, the OEM for this project has put their trust in Stainless Piping Specialists to meet those demands for the South Laredo project. Currently SPS will be shipping the pipe spools and components directly to the job site ahead of schedule which will allow the onsite contractor additional time for installation.