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Since its incorporation in 1985, Stainless Unlimited has been an innovator in stainless steel piping systems. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Fire Apparatus Industry where Stainless Unlimited first showed that it was possible to supply thin wall stainless piping fabrications at a price that was competitive with heavy wall carbon steel and have the added advantages of lighter weight and corrosion resistance.

Today, Stainless Piping Specialists fabrication division of Stainless Unlimited continues to innovate with new product offerings such as NST/NH threaded ends that are welded directly to your manifold, eliminating the need for NPT to NST/NH adaptors which speeds your final assembly, eliminates additional leak points and reduces assembly costs.

Another innovation is the "J.I.T. Manifold" system. We realize that even within a standard product line there is often a need for a custom part. This unique product allows you to design your own discharge manifold from a list of standardized options provided in a spread sheet. Literally fill in the blanks, e-mail us, and your manifold can be ready to ship in just days.

With virtually limitless combinations of suction and discharge manifolds that could be created using weld bosses compatible with ClassOne, Foam Pro and Fire Research Flow meters, valve flanges compatible with Hale, Waterous, Akron, Elkart components, plus an array of buttweld and threaded fittings, standardization may be the last thing on your mind.

Let Stainless Piping Specialists experienced staff work with you, on or off-site, on issues such as product standardization and improved manufacturing methods that will lead to a more cost effective solution. Contact us today for a quote, design help or information on our J.I.T. Manifold system.


Stainless Piping Specialists fabrication division of Stainless Unlimited has the "specialists" you can count on when it comes to Low Pressure Stainless Steel Piping Systems. We are well known throughout the Wastewater Treatment, Aeration and Water Filtration industries for the quality headers, drops, laterals, pipe spools, hubs, and R.O. Racks, but we are proficient in other areas as well.

Low Pressure Stainless Steel Piping covers a fairly broad range of industries including process piping, but often ANSI rated flanges, weld-o-lets and other heavy fittings that are specified are excessive for the design intent and only add cost to a project. Stainless Piping Specialists Engineering staff knows these types of systems and has many suggestions for use of alternative materials and processes to meet your design requirements and specifications while cutting cost and production time.

When it comes to stainless materials, engineering knowledge, and manufacturing methods the possibilities are "unlimited" at Stainless Piping Specialists. Contact us today for a quote, design help or information on our wide range of capabilities.




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